Why Consistent Video Content Should Be An Integral Part Of Your Company’s Marketing Strategy.

Any business owner or marketing professional that has experience with digital video content understands that the key to success is consistency.

While many businesses attempt to utilize online video content as a means to drive traffic and awareness to their brand, few are able to succeed, most often due to inconsistently released content.

Put simply, many businesses choose to put all of their eggs in one basket - creating one flagship promotional video or branded content piece that they hope will increase their online visibility for years to come. Unfortunately though, most of the time a one-off video release simply isn’t going to do the trick, and a steady stream of high quality content will be the only way to guarantee results.

This is largely due to the recent boom in video production by businesses operating in just about every corner of the market. There is more competition on every digital media outlet than ever before, which makes it nearly impossible for a singular video to stand out of the crowd. With that in mind, it’s no wonder why companies with the strongest online presence are also those that prioritize a consistent release strategy for their video content.

Whether you’re aim is to promote a new product, share testimonials with prospective clients, recruit some new hires, or connect with your audience for any other reason - read on.

Customized Video Content Dramatically Increases Your Online Visibility

The internet is a crowded place, and as such it can be quite difficult to gain and maintain an online presence - especially without the use of a well developed video strategy. 

For years now, studies have indicated that customers respond far more favorably to branded online video content than nearly any other form of media, including infographics or text-based content. Prospective customers are far more likely to learn something valuable about your brand (and to retain that information) when it’s absorbed in video form, which is why businesses of all types are now producing more video content than ever before.

Google and just about every other search engine on the planet are aware of this trend, and have subsequently shown an obvious bias towards promoting video content on their search rankings. Even small businesses with very limited marketing resources are now able to outrank much larger corporations in many Google search categories, simply because their popular and consistent video content is being prioritized over stale, text based content hosted on the websites of their competitors. 

The bottom line is that the online visibility of any company can be improved immensely by releasing high quality, relevant video content on a regular basis.

If you're wondering just how much video content you should be releasing in order to maximize your results - there is no single answer that applies across the board. For some companies a video every month or two is sufficient, while other companies may choose to push out several videos a week. It all comes down to your online competition, overall marketing goals, and of course the unique needs of your business.

Companies That Utilize Video Greatly Increase Customer Engagement

Though important, driving traffic to your company’s website is just the tip of the iceberg. Arguably the more powerful function of video content is it’s ability to tape into your audience’s emotions through sight and sound. Messages that are seen and heard are far more likely to trigger an emotional response from someone than content that can only be read… And as any salesperson knows - customers buy on emotion.

The fact of the matter is, the more a prospective customer is engaged on an emotional level, the greater the odds they will become a believer in your brand, or a buyer of your product. By the same token, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm your target audience with too much information. This is why a series of bite-sized videos that cover a spectrum of specific points are almost always more effective than a catch-all video with a lengthy runtime and an over-generalized message.

A Targeted Video Series Keeps You Connected With The Right Audience

It goes without saying that the end goal for any type of promotional content is to reach a specific and targeted audience. With that in mind, packing everything there is to know about your company into a single video is counter-intuitive to that fact. Not only will this type of video cause many viewers to become disinterested very with the content very quickly, but those same viewers are unlikely to share the content - which is one of the greatest benefits that online video has to offer. 

Don’t waste your resources on a generic, multi-use video, if your goal is to reach new customers online and drive traffic to your website. These types of traditional corporate videos are beneficial in their own way, and can certainly be utilized on your company’s home page as a means to support your brand. But they should absolutely never be relied on as a means to generate traffic from search engines, video hosting sites, or other online channels.

Instead, break down your messaging into multiple videos that can either be watched as a series, or as individual vignettes, targeted at different segments of your customer base. By simply looking at your online video strategy as a campaign rather than a one-off project, you will open countless possibilities for how you can release your content and reach a larger audience than ever before.

Our company has a track record of producing and strategizing video campaigns that are crafted around the principles in this article. If you or your business is considering producing a flagship video, or an entire video series - we would love to chat with you to discuss your options.

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