Not just a production company.

Over the past decade, we’ve produced countless creative projects for a wide array of clients - from Fortune 500 companies to international film studios, and independent artists to fashion labels - working in virtually every medium.

We’ve always prided ourselves on offering modular services which can easily be scaled to meet the needs of virtually any client. For clients with in-house creative teams, we offer à la carte video & photo packages, and consulting on content marketing & strategy. For clients seeking to utilize our full range of services, we offer an A to Z solution for strategizing, developing, producing, and releasing original content deigned to meet your unique business objectives.

While many video production companies have little (if any) understanding of how to actually market the videos they create, for us it’s the most essential part of the process. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely love production too, and achieving high production value is in essence built into our DNA - but we know that’s only half the battle. Producing a strong final product has never been our end game. Getting people to actually pay attention and take action has always been our true north.

We are all operating in one of the most exciting business environments in history. It’s never been easier or more cost effective to create content, curate an audience, and transform a growing following into loyal customers. And that’s what we’re here to do. Whether your goal is to create and drive awareness to a single campaign, or build an army of supporters who will support your brand for years to come, our unique ability to create and market content of all types is what will get you there.

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Noam launched Creative Rebellion in 2009 with one goal in mind - to help brands create incredible visual content that would measurably grow their business.

With a background in narrative filmmaking, Noam always prided himself on bringing a cinematic touch to all of his projects - regardless of budget or scope. This philosophy is ingrained in Creative Rebellion’s approach, and unwavering focus on quality.

In 2012, Noam launched a personal filmmaking blog which quickly rose to be one of the most trafficked websites of its kind. It was through this early effort that he began developing universal strategies that would allow any individual, business, or brand to utilize high quality content to build an incredible audience.

His unique background in production, content marketing and audience building has fueled thousands of projects over the course of his career, with exciting clients and partners like you.

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