Post Production In Los Angeles: Why We Place A Premium On Color Correction & High End Finishing

Being situated in Los Angeles gives us a very unique perspective on the needs of both our commercial and entertainment oriented productions. When handling post-production on any of our smaller scale projects (including corporate spots and independent films), we have the invaluable ability to tap into our high end finishing resources - such as state of the art color correction tools, allowing us to deliver feature film level post production results on projects of all sizes.

There was a time when high end finishing work (specifically color grading) was reserved for only the most exclusive productions. Without a massive post-production budget, a proper color correct simply wasn't possible, and at best was merely an afterthought taken care of by the editor, as opposed to a dedicated colorist. Over the past few years however, color correction has been made affordable to smaller scale productions as well, by way of innovative hardware and software solutions that have ultimately brought high end finishing to the masses. We at Creative Rebellion have been extremely fortunate to have been at the forefront of this movement, as we recognized many years ago that productions of all sizes require proper color correction in order to maintain a high production value. A beautifully shot and edited production will not look great until it is color corrected, as today's digital cinema cameras, (and even DSLRs for that matter), are designed to capture images that are intended to be color graded. When these images are not colored, the final product suffers drastically and the end result looks cheap, no matter how much work was put into production, and how great the DP and editor were.

Below is a demo reel of some of our color work from last year for those of you that want to see some before and after examples of what color correction can really do:

For many of you that are already familiar with Creative Rebellion, you're likely well aware of our passion for delivering beautiful cinematic images on all projects we are involved with. While we handle many larger scale feature films and broadcast material, many of our clients also have smaller scale requirements - such as commercials, music videos, or low-budget independent film projects, all of which we are equally passionate about. We are extremely fortunate to have the ability to work on both ends of the budgetary spectrum, which allows us to transport certain skills, abilities, and equipment (namely our color tools) between these various mediums, ultimately benefiting our clients creatively and financially.

Often times we are asked to see through a production from concept to completion, and in these scenarios we ensure that early on in the pre-production stage, the right measures are being put in place to guarantee that the images we are capturing will be as flexible as possible during the color grading. This often means shooting RAW or in a log color space to give options during post. 

Other times however, we are brought in for a specific task as opposed to producing an entire project. For instance, we often have clients bring us unedited material that we then craft into a final product for them, or we are handed a rough edit of a project that we will complete a polish on. In these cases as well, we very much stress the importance of a color pass, and take every measure necessary to ensure that our edit sessions, project files, and organizational structures are set up in a way that will make the color correction process quick and painless. 

In summary - there is really nothing quite like a gorgeous color pass to add production value to projects of any scale. When small scale projects are treated the same way as large scale projects (both in terms of approach and equipment), the end results shine. These productions no longer feel small scale, and no longer are small scale for that matter, as they are utilizing the same tools and techniques of their more expensive counterparts.

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