Creative Rebellion Blog Now Launched!

Welcome to the Creative Rebellion Blog.


Since launching in 2009, we have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to help businesses of all shapes and sizes flourish by utilizing video effectively. With the launch of our blog, we aim to help even more business owners, marketing professionals, and agencies, by sharing our unique perspective on the world of commercial and corporate video production. 

Most businesses have used video to market themselves in one way or another, but more often than not, they are not tapping into the full potential of the medium. Either the concept isn't on par with their branding, there is no release strategy, or the quality simply isn't there. These are just a few of many hurdles that businesses face when creating video content. 

A large part of what we do at Creative Rebellion, and what this blog seeks to share with our readers, is not only how to create stunning and powerful videos, but also how to get them seen by the world. Upcoming articles will highlight conceptual approaches, creative techniques, marketing tactics, release strategies, and much more. Ultimately, no matter how you plan on pursuing video marketing in the future, this blog will help you decide what format and style best suits your company, and how to execute and deliver on any concept. 

Check in with us regularly as we will be updating this blog with free, valuable information for businesses that are looking for innovative solutions for their video based marketing needs.

See you around here soon!

The Creative Rebellion Team