Why It's So Challenging To Find A Great Corporate Video Production Company In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city filled with more entertainment companies than just about anywhere else on earth combined, so you would think that it would be the easiest place to find a qualified corporate video production company. In reality though, it's actually one of the most difficult cities to get an effective corporate video produced. 


Oddly enough, in most major cities that don't have a bustling film and television market, their local corporate and commercial video production companies are often producing much higher quality content than those located right here in Los Angeles. Since LA has such an abundance of broadcast and film material being produced at any given time, the vast majority of qualified producers, crew members, and other key players simply aren't working in the corporate field. The commercial and corporate production companies in LA that do exist aren't as motivated by the creative elements of their projects, but rather seek to follow very basic and now outdated techniques that are designed to automate their process as much as possible. While in years past this ideology may have worked for some corporate production companies, it isn't going to fly anymore because the market is changing and businesses large and small are demanding higher quality video content to aid in their marketing efforts.

Take a look at the most impactful commercials, promotional videos, and other branded content that's out there today, and you'll notice that they all have something in common - They offer something of value to the viewer in a format that is entertainment driven, rather than simply a large call to action sequence. For instance, take the recent emergence of branded content which didn't exist just a few short years ago. Today, branded entertainment content (such as a corporate sponsored web series for example) is one of the most effective ways of marketing a brand, because the viewer is getting value (either informational or entertainment) just by watching it.

Jerry Seinfeld's web series "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" which is sponsored by Acura, is a perfect example of delivering the viewer valuable content that in turn gains their trust. And it's not just major corporations with celebrity endorsements that are doing this. In fact some of the most effective branded content is being produced for very little cost by small and medium sized businesses all over North America. 

Branded content is only one of many examples of entertainment-driven advertising that brings value to the viewer. This methodology can and should be applied to commercials, promotional videos, and any other video based format. In fact, that's exactly what we here at Creative Rebellion do.

For those of you that don't know much about us yet, we produce exceptionally high quality commercials, corporate videos, and branded content at extremely competitive prices. When we last expanded our company and branched out to Los Angeles, one of the primary goals for us was to reach potential clients that were looking for something more out of their corporate and commercial video projects. We saw a direct need for cinema quality corporate videos and we set out to bridge the gap between the corporate and entertainment worlds.

If you're marketing for your business or company and are looking to team up with a production company that will add value to your brand, please contact us at any time. We are based in Los Angeles and Toronto, but also work with companies all across North America with our remote crews.

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The Creative Rebellion Team