If You’re Reading This, You Just Proved Content Marketing Works

People like to overcomplicate content marketing, but the basic fundamentals are quite simple:

Share free and valuable content of virtually any type with an audience, and earn their business as a result.

While some marketing departments are blowing their budgets on Facebook and Google ads, their competitors are running circles around them - yielding far greater results with a fraction of the spend.

Rather than blast their sales message at an audience unlikely to be interested in their pitch, they attract optimal customers who truly value their brand and are eager to buy or sign up. And it’s all thanks to trust. 

We all know how much more likely we are to make a purchase when we trust the person, business, or brand selling it. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a new computer or a house - if you feel comfortable with the seller/business you’re 100x more likely to buy.

And what’s the best way to build trust in a potential customer? Provide them with value for FREE, of course… Ideally in the form of strategic content. 

It doesn’t matter if the content takes the form of a written blog post, video series, podcast or anything else for that matter. What’s important is that it provides valuable information to the reader/watcher/viewer, and is meeting them wherever they spend their time.

High quality content is rewarded by search algorithms on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and every other social platform. The better the quality, the more people it will reach. And when it’s engineered to reach the right people, you have a recipe for success. 

Companies that understand this are being handsomely rewarded. It’s why Shopify (one of the largest commerce sits on the planet) invests heavily in free e-learning courses designed to help business owners sell merchandise online. 

It’s undoubtably a substantial investment for Shopify to produce that level of content, but the ROI is surely massive. Their powerful catalogue of educational material not only earns the trust of prospective customers, but helps existing customers make more money. In both instances, Shopify and their customers win.

But you don’t need to start huge in order to reap the benefits of content marketing. A short blog post or instructional video may be all it takes to get started. 

Take this post that you’re reading right now. This short article (under 1000 words) was written in under an hour but still provides value in the form of perspective. It’s technically content marketing, but perhaps you’ve already learned something from it.

A certain percent of people that read this will reach out to us to produce a video for their business or come up with a content marketing strategy. Even those readers who don’t reach out to use are still being exposed to our brand in a positive space. When they see us again next time, they’ll feel a sense of familiarity and will be even more likely to get in touch. 

It’s simple, but it works. We can tell you that for a fact, as the vast majority of our new clients find us through posts just like this one. 

We’ve experimented with so many different types of marketing in the past, including paid ads on websites and social platforms. But most of the time those paid campaigns simply broke even, while our lower-cost content efforts have led to countless projects with amazing clients.

Seeing is believing, which is why we’ve begun to include content strategy as part of our work with many of our clients. As a video production company, our number one job is to ensure the videos we create drive results - sales, recruits, email signups - whatever the objective may be.

But it’s not just about producing beautiful looking content, or pulling together a great team - that’s only the half the battle. The other half is knowing how engineer that content to maximize its impact with an audience. Only once both sides of the equation are aligned can a successful campaign emerge. 

So hopefully this short post has shed a bit of light on the power of content marketing for you. And if we’ve earned your interest, drop us a line some time at info@creativerebellion.com

We’d love to hear about your business goals and see how we can help.