Why 2 Minutes (Or Less) Is The Perfect Length For A Web Commercial

Many entrepreneurs are tempted to create long-format web commercials, corporate videos, or promotional spots in order to share as much information with their viewers as possible, but statistically shorter spots perform far better on any online platform. Below, we'll let you know just why that is. 

Firstly, let's talk about the purpose of your web commercial - To drive interest, traffic, and sales to your company or brand. In order to do this, you want to tease your viewer, giving them just enough information to spark their interest, but not too much that they become overwhelmed and disinterested. The 2 minute mark is really the sweet spot for length, as it allows for enough time to convey your message effectively, but not too much time that the idea can start to become tangential. We posted an article on this a while ago titled: "Less Is More, Why Too Much Information Can Hurt Your Corporate Video" - Be sure to check out the link for further insight on the topic. 

It's also worth noting that the vast majority of viewers that are going to be exposed to your web commercial simply don't have the time or interest to sit through a longer format video. The internet is all about accessibility to information quickly and efficiently. We get news updates on twitter in 140 characters or less, 15 second advertisements on instagram, and more Facebook video/web shares than we know what to do with - So you can imagine that trying to hold your viewers attention for 10 minute long web promo is nearly impossible, no matter how strong your content or idea may be. 

Video based marketing always boils down to knowing your audience. And if you audience is online (which of course is the case with a web promo), they aren't viewing your spot in an environment where 5 or 10 minutes is going to fly. Especially if they aren't seeking out your content in the first place - and let's hope they aren't, because the idea with web spots is to attract a new audience, not to provide content for your existing audience. That's what branded/informational videos are for.

So why is 2 minutes the sweet spot?

There may not be an exact science to this, but it has been recognized time and time again that viewers are most likely to click away from your video after the 2 minute mark. While in some rare situations, it may be fine to go over 2 minutes (for instance if you have extremely engaging content that couldn't otherwise be told in a shorter format), generally it is a risky game to play. You want to leave your audience wanting more and seeking out information on your business because they want to, not because you're telling them to. Sometimes 30 seconds of fat on a video can be the difference between your viewer connecting with your brand or losing interest, so short and sweet is always best. 

The other great thing about limiting the duration of your video is the fact that it forces you to boil down your message to its most important, relevant, and impactful form in order to fit within a shorter time frame. If you're thinking that 2 minutes isn't enough - take a look at some of the most successful television commercials on the air today. Look at how much insight and information you take away from them after only 30 seconds, and then just imagine what's possible when you have 4 times as long to get your message across. 

Commercials, whether web or television oriented, are all about efficiency. You are telling a story in a very short amount of time and it needs to be equal parts engaging and informative in order to not only secure an audience, but more importantly drive them to your brand.

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The Creative Rebellion Team