NBC Universal

We were thrilled to collaborate with the creative team at NBC Universal to produce television idents for their 13th Street network.

Over the course of 4 days, we shot hundreds of different scenes and set-ups, all of which were inspired by films and television in the crime genre.

The material was edited together into over a dozen spots, which have been airing internationally on television.

Perhaps most exciting for us, is that the musical score was produced by the legendary Hans Zimmer!



Produced by: Noam Kroll & Gabriel Reiter
Chief Marketing Officer: Lee Raftery (NBCUniversal International)
SVP Global Creative: Marco Giusti (NBCUniversal International)
Design Director: Chloe Brooks (Clomotion)
Design Director: Sam Harvey (Sam Harvey Creative)
Production Manager: Radka Mincheva (NBCUniversal International Networks)
Production Manager: Siobhan Mulhern (NBCUniversal International Networks)
Brand Conceptualisation: Red Bee Creative
Executive Creative Director: Charlie Mawer (Red Bee Creative)
Creative Director: Jane Fielder (Red Bee Creative)
Director of Photography: Adriaan Kirchner
Colourist: Oisin O’Driscoll (The Mill)
Composer: Bleeding Fingers
Music Produced by: Hans Zimmer (Bleeding Fingers)

One of the completed 10 second idents from the campaign.

One of the completed 5 second bumpers from the campaign.

One of the completed 15 second idents from the campaign.

An internal highlight reel comprised of some of our favorite footage from this project.


We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with one of our favorite companies - Google - to create some exciting new digital content for their latest fitness app.

Our full range of creative services were put to use on this project, including: pre-production, casting, visual development, full production support, picture editorial, color correction, and much more.

Shot in ultra high definition (4K), this content was eventually delivered in a wide variety of formats and aspect ratios, for usage across numerous mediums. 



In collaboration with Studio Feather, we were thrilled to take part in the live production and color correction on this series of visually charged PSA's, directed by acclaimed VFX artist Julian Van Mil.

The eye-popping colors of the 3D & motion design elements helped to inspire the vibrant and punchy color palette that was developed in our color sessions.


In collaboration with LA based studio Sypher Films, we tackled the on-line editorial, color correction, and delivery on this cinematic promo piece, which was beautifully shot on the RED Epic.

To create the rugged and bleak look seen in the final video, we auditioned numerous options for our client, and eventually landed on a cool color palette, which was designed to be reminiscent of the bleach-bypass look.


Blackmagic Design is one of our favorite camera companies, so we were thrilled to be able to produce a behind the scenes documentary for them, featuring their previously unreleased URSA Mini 4.6K cinema camera.

The many hours of footage we captured in beautiful Laguna Beach, CA gave us lots of creative options in the editing room, and the finished piece was well received when it premiered at the NAB Show in Las Vegas this year.


This gorgeous television ad campaign was co-produced by Creative Rebellion and directed by Noam Kroll. 

Each of the three spots in this campaign had their own unique characters and story, all of which were used to tastefully highlight the companies prime focus - high end diamonds and jewelry.

By shooting on the Arri Amira, combined with vintage Zeiss Superspeed lenses, we were able to capture a timeless aesthetic that truly served both the product and the story. 


We love making fashion films, so it's no wonder why this branded art project for renowned hair studio Medulla Co., is still one of our favorite projects to date.

This piece was produced from concept to completion entirely within the Creative Rebellion eco-system and originally premiered at a pre-show launch event before the Toronto International Film Festival. It later went on to tour the international festival circuit.


In collaboration with Scar Films, we handled the picture editorial, color correction, visual effects, finishing, and deliverables on this hilarious spot, directed by Darren Scaravelli.

Shot on the Arri Alexa, our raw footage was already beautiful looking to start with, but we worked some magic in our DaVinci Resolve suite to carefully craft a dry and drab looking color palette, designed to match the satirical mood of this piece.


When we were called upon by Simon & Schuster to produce a book trailer for the latest Kathy Reichs novel, we knew we were in for a fun ride. This book series spawned the Fox television show "Bones", so it was paramount to us that we captured a similar visual tone in order to allow this piece to feel congruent with it's television counterpart.

From scripting to production, and editorial to delivery, we were honored to handle the entire creative pipeline on this piece.

The Game

We produced this trailer for the Bravo TV film "The Game", which follows an aging basketball player as he reflects on his career in the NBA.

Every facet of the trailer - from the quick cuts, to the title design, to the music, were chosen to evoke the pensive energy that the professional world of sports is known for. As basketball fans, this project was a pleasure to be a part of.