Why The Canon C100 Is The Best Camera For Corporate Media & Video Production Today

One of the biggest factors in determining the overall look and feel of a corporate video is undeniably the camera choice. While we use many different cameras and set ups for our corporate media projects, we have found that the Canon C100 is hands down the best overall camera choice at the moment. Here's why:


More often than not, corporate video producers and marketing professionals place a premium on image quality when purchasing their equipment, and for good reason. In order for a promotional spot to have a high production value, a suitable camera needs to be chosen that can deliver a very high quality acquisition format. With that said though, there are so many other variables that go into a camera choice for any given production, many of which are often overlooked.

Corporate media varies drastically in terms of quality and substance, and as such a very wide variety of cameras are often used on any given corporate project. On the low end, some corporate productions opt to shoot with DSLRs or other consumer level formats, and on the high end digital cinema cameras such as the RED EPIC are often employed. We believe however, that for the majority of corporate video work the best results are achieved when utilizing a camera in the middle of these two extremes.

Entry level and prosumer cameras such as DSLRs and DSLMs are certainly capable of producing beautiful images, but for the most part they aren't as user friendly or ergonomically sound as their more expensive counterparts. Additionally, unless the exposure and other camera settings are perfectly executed while shooting, the images can be hard to work with in post-production, making them a riskier choice for shooting - especially when the day needs to move quickly. On the other end of the spectrum, cameras like the RED EPIC or Sony F55 are capable of acquiring images in a format that allows for more manipulation during the edit & post production phases, but they come with their own set of challenges. The most obvious being the fact that they can be cumbersome to work with, meaning a larger crew is required and there is little room to improvise on set. This also translates to a large cost for the production as a whole. 

Enter the C100 - Canon's happy medium camera that truly offers a best of both worlds solution to corporate media. The C100 has a similar (but much more user friendly) form factor to DSLR cameras, which makes it ideal for corporate work as it is easy to capture improvised shots on the fly even with just a single camera operator working it. Additionally the imaging sensor and color science behind the camera is capable of delivering absolutely stunning results that in many cases can rival cameras such as the RED EPIC in regards to overall image quality. It is a far more versatile tool than both DSLRs and digital cinema cameras as it can easily float between talking head interviews, b-roll, handheld shots, and much more, without having to adjust the rigging every time. 

Another massive benefit of the C100 is the overall cost. While the camera itself is more expensive than your average DSLR, it is still far more affordable (to purchase or rent) when compared to it's digital cinema counterparts. This means that on corporate productions, more money is left over for additional shooting time, talent (if needed), a larger crew, and other elements that are just as important as shooting on a great camera. 

At Creative Rebellion, the C100 is just one of the many cameras that we employ on our corporate productions regularly. 9 times out of 10, it's the best tool for the job which is why we often recommend it to our clients.

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